Sunday, November 4, 2012

Administrative Nonsense

A few minor notes before I start posting in earnest.

1) Guides will be labeled guides and list the genre of game they apply to. Herp derp DUH.

2) Reviews/musings will be labeled as such and have the game name in the label/hashtag/whatever the hell they are.

3) Don't copy my shit and pass it off as your own. At least say I wrote such and such and give me a h/t or "courtesy of" or something.

4) Say something if formatting is off. I'll probably see all of the content in the editing screen and will only check to see how it looks when I first post.

I'll generally just check every once in a while to delete spam comments and whatnot, so comments/emails to this blog email address will likely be unnoticed/ignored. If it's in response to a particular game (a.k.a. Rift for the foreseeable future), post it on the game forums or message me there.

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